Colchester Pipes & Drums

Colchester Pipes & Drums were formed in early November 2009 and was set up to be one of the most dynamic pipe band in the UK and boasting a membership of almost 30 members. We believe our success is due to our high profile and friendly attitude of the band members The band Tartan is the Scotland registered “Colchester Tartan” designed by the band, adapting the colour scheme and Logo from Colchester' town’s own Coat of Arms. The Cap, Kilt and Plaid badges are all modeled on the Colchester Castle which goes back to the roman colonization of Colchester. Under Pipe Major Paul Young the Band performs pipe music in the traditional way and also cleverly blended and enhanced by dramatic pre recorded backings. This unique combination is infectious, unforgettable and promotes audience participation. Apart from about 35 local events every year Colchester Pipes & Drums have played at prestigious events.


The band is one the leading Pipe Bands in the East Anglian district of the UK.The band members have turned a hobby into a passion of events and performances which every member can tell their children and their grand children about. The band play as one. The band moto is FORWARD AS ONE


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Colchester Pipes & Drums have played at prestigious events including for Her Majesty the Queen at the renaming of the new QE3, before Prince Charles at the Cenotaph for the war widows, before Queen Beatrix at the Netherlands Remembrance Day, the garden party for the Lord High Sherriff of Essex and the amazing international military tattoos and festivals at Sulmona Geostra Festival Italy,Bergamo Pipe Festival, Liechtenstein Tattoo, Voorthuizen International Tatto Holland , Ysted International Tatto Sweden , Birmingham International Tattoo England